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About Counselling. stonewall

Counselling is a powerful form of helping that is appropriate when we:

  • are coping with changes in our lives,
  • need to make important choices,
  • need to understand or make sense of something significant that is happening in our lives.

    Counselling helps those who are:
  • feeling generally low (e.g. ongoing loneliness, sense of futility, mood swings, stress, confusion, anger, trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety),
  • facing a specific crisis (e.g. loss, change, trauma, illness, issues around pregnancy including infertility, relationship break-ups, divorce, bereavement, abortion),
  • worried about relationships (e.g. experiencing difficulty forming or sustaining satisfying relationships, problems within personal or work relationships, family problems, difficulty with intimacy),
  • dealing with life issues and choices (e.g. sense of identity, sexuality, spirituality, career, parenting).

    Counselling Offers:
  • a safe and confidential, professional relationship through which concerns can be identified, confronted and resolved,
  • a way to see, make sense of, and resolve, issues and difficulties,
  • an opportunity to discover choices, identify priorities and see possibilities that weren’t apparent before,
  • help to explore and manage thoughts and feelings which might seem overwhelming, frightening or confusing,
  • the opportunity to work through old hurts and conflicts to enable you to move on.

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