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My theoretical orientation is humanistic by which I mean that I have been heavily influenced by the writing of Carl Rogers and experience the counselling relationship as the main agent of therapeutic change. A variety of contributions have helped me to understand better the role of the self of the counsellor and the task of communicating at depth including:

  • the significance of imagery and metaphor as expressed by people like Murray Cox and David Grove,
  • the use of dialogue developed in gestalt practice,
  • the acknowledgement of communication out of awareness from neo Jungians like David Hewison,
  • the utilising of different ‘attentions’ from the Process Work of Arnold Mindell.

    My understanding and integrating of these and other contributions is very much a ‘work in progress’ and is part of what makes counselling and supervision exciting for me.

    In my own supervision I know how important it is for me to experience a safe place where I can explore the challenges in working with my clients and the problematic in me that arises as a result. It follows that I therefore strive to create a safe and sacred space for my supervisees.

    I’ve never found it possible to identify a single model of supervision that accurately reflects my experience of this process but I find the writing of Hawkins and Shoet useful and thought provoking. As a value I subscribe to Brigid Proctor’s claim that, “…counsellors should be able to share, both with their clients and their colleagues and peers, what they do and how they do it.” However I also remember a passage from Carl Jung that said something like: we should, learn our theories well but put them to one side when we stand before the mystery of another human’s soul. I struggle with that as a supervisee and enjoy supporting that struggle in others, as a supervisor.

    I’m happy to meet with counsellors who are seeking a supervisor, in order to explore what working together would be like.

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